US Airlines Taking Wackness to a New Level

 US Airways WACK US Airlines Taking Wackness to a New Level

This Wack report is brought to you by the inconsiderate folks at US Airways, they could care less for you and your loved ones.

I recently had a three-city trip booked with US Airways to go to Chicago, Syracuse and then to Atlanta all within a week’s time.

I did ok with the price, just under $500 bucks for all three flights, not too terribly bad.

So, here I was all ready for my trip two nights before I was scheduled to leave, I received a call from my mother that my grandfather had passed away and I needed to return home immediately.  He was 91 years young, god bless his soul.

Coincidently the Syracuse part of my trip is heading home for my best friends bachelor party which was roughly a week from when I was scheduled to be in Chicago. Here lies the problem; I need to be home to Syracuse now and not a week from now.

So, I call US Airways.

Can I reschedule my flight? No.

Can I get a refund on any flights I wont be on? No.

Is there a bereavement fare? No

Can I get a voucher for future flights on US Airways? No, you bought a non-refundable ticket.

I ask, so is there ANYTHING at all you can do for me? Re-book another flight but we will charge you a $150 “rebooking” fee and then you have to pay for a new ticket.  Yes, please charge me an additional $150 so I can “rebook” my ticket with you, dumbasses. If you couldn’t tell, that’s sarcasm.

I did some research online and there is a recent story of a woman who booked a dream vacation with US Airways for her family to go to Belize, the flight costs totaled $4,200 for her 5 family members. Before she could depart for her vacation she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

US Airways denied her a refund.


US Airways, I thought what you did to me was Wack but what you did to this poor family is just downright evil.


  1. assholes

  2. Should have paid the five bucks for insurance. Jk

  3. I did, the insurance is the biggest scam in the game

  4. You know our policy

  5. Wacktose Intolerant

  6. The awesome part was that not only did we explain the issue to them, but they told me it was going to cost $150 PER flight… So really the fee would be $300 PLUS any difference in the cost of the tickets after the fee… and we all know how expensive last minute flights are. This really just makes me sick. Who are these companies that have absolutely no compassion? I understand they don’t want people canceling and changing their flight just because, but I mean c’mon- there are some situations that are the exception and taking care of your customers doesn’t just keep them satisfied, it keeps them loyal. A loyal customer comes back and gives those referrals. Apparently, US Airways doesn’t want free advertising

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