Colin Kane: An Exercise in Acerbic Wit

By: The Only Cannoli

Never before had I thought that the warm-up act should be the headliner. When I first saw Colin Kane he was the opening act for a major headliner at Caroline’s Comedy Club and he killed it.

I had never seen an audience interact with a comedian in this way. To say he’s on another level would be an understatement. He gracefully touches taboo subjects and awkward moments to turn them into comedic gold. Is he offensive? Yes, but in a funny way.

You can delve into his biography and see that he’s a regular on Opie and Anthony. See that he killed it on Howard Stern. Find out that Dennis Miller is a fan and heaps praise on himkane 300x106 Colin Kane: An Exercise in Acerbic Wit. That’s all great, but you know what makes this guy special? He works hard for his fans. He follows his fans on Twitter. He follows his fans on Facebook. He interacts with them on the regular. He remembers big events in his fans lives and responds accordingly. He’s the new “Hardest Working Man in Showbiz.”
It’s comedy. It’s subjective. Do yourself a favor though- check this guy out. Go to a show. Check him on youtube. He’s that funny.
Do you need another reason to love him? He’s a huge hip hop fan and tours regularly with Cipha Sounds. Enough said.

0 Colin Kane: An Exercise in Acerbic Wit


  1. This completely sums up Colin. Couldn’t have been written better and I fully agree.

  2. Your amazing comedian Colin. Luv it!! Keep up the wonderful work C!!!

  3. He unfollowed all his fans on Twitter. His jokes are awful fratboy cliches. He bombed HARD on Opie and Anthony two out of three times. Hey, Colin, you suck and it’s not a secret.

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