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Hip hop has lost a legend today, MCA of the Beastie Boys.  As a part of the Beasties, he invented a unique, unmistakable sound and style that influenced hip hop throughout his life and beyond.

Here’s Rick Rubin on the Beastie Boys: ”The Beasties opened hip-hop music up to the suburbs. As crazy as they were, they seemed safe to Middle America, in a way black artists hadn’t been up to that point in time.”  While I’m not sure I agree with Rubin, as I think it was less about color and more about the insane beats and rhymes, the force that was the Beasties, I do agree that the Beastie Boys brought hip hop to an entirely new level.

The Beastie Boys occupy an exalted place in the Nowackness vault. Today we all remember the first time we heard “Fight For Your Right”, “Sabotage”, “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”, and “Brass Monkey”, and hope the dedication that MCA brought to the game lives on through his music.


photo credit: Marilyn Roxie via photo pin cc

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2pac Lives on at Coachella

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Tupac Hologram Coachella 2pac Lives on at Coachella

Tupac Shakur just out performed every alive performer at this past weekends Coachella music festival, all thanks to the power of Technology.

The crowd went ape shit crazy. That would be one way to described what happend when a hologram of the late rapper appeared on stage next to Snoop Dogg during last nights closing performance of the Coachella music festival. It was both a bit creepy and awesome all at the same time as pac ripped the stage performing a solo rendition of Hail Mary and then joining Snoop Dogg for Two of Americas Most Wanted.

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Classic Freestyle Red & Meth

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Tmedium 3179589848 300x225 Classic Freestyle Red & Methhey just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.  Classic Redman and Method Man freestyle on Funkmaster Flex’s 60 Minutes of Funk Vol. 1.  If you slept on this back in ’96, it’s time for you to wake up.

You can tell that almost all of this is not written material at all, making it a true classic.


0 Classic Freestyle Red & Meth

photo credit: poopenheim via photopin cc

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Classic Mos Def Freestyle

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0 Classic Mos Def Freestyle


I’m sitting here dicking around on the internet not paying attention to the television behind me, when I hear Mos Def’s voice.  I turn to the TV and see Mos Def spittin in Dave Chappelle’s SUV.  I grab the remote and rewind the DVR and start from the beginning.  I know this is old and from 2003 and I also know that this track is off his New Danger album but I know that first verse is off the dome in his car.  I’m convinced.  This episode aired in 03 but his New Danger album came out in 04.  He spit that first verse on the spot, liked it, then added it and re-recorded it as the opening verse to the song.  I think the second go around is written but so what.  His flow caught my attention out of nowhere and I gotta give props here.  Mos shows his skills with as many words as possible.  So many words…

Oh yeah, and I look forward to him changing his name to Yasiin.  Who are you trying to be like, Puffy or Prince?


And sorry for the shitty quality but it’s all I could find.

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50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin at SXSW 2012 Live

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50 Cent 50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin at SXSW 2012 Live

50 Cent recently preformed his entire Get Rich or Die Trying album at SXSW some say that this album is the only wack free work from 50.

Yes, Eminem does make an appearance on Patiently Waiting, check it out below:

photo credit: aboutmattlaw via photopin cc

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WACK Report Exclusive: Tim Westwood is a Douchebag

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0 WACK Report Exclusive:  Tim Westwood is a Douchebag

While digging in the YouTube crates I’ve stumbled across a few hip hop artists and their visits to this dude Tim Westwood’s show.  Here we have a classic freestyle session with Eminem, Royce and some irrelevant dude from D12.  Alchemist is on the turntables and the host is the man of the hour, Tim Westwood.  Now I’ll admit I don’t know all that much about this dude’s background but even if he is the hottest shit in the UK there is no way these artists can take him seriously when they come on his show.  You’re white and British.  English accents and ebonics just sound wrong.  Not to mention this dude is a complete and utter fake.  I’m talking Carson Daly circa 2002 TRL fake.  Check out Timmy’s reaction after the fat dude from D12 finishes his written freestyle at the 6:20 mark.  He literally came in his track pants.  Now granted if Eminem was freestyling in front of me with Alchemist on the ones and twos I might, and I stress MIGHT bust a nut.  But Westwood jizzes over the worst dude there.  Makes me sick.  TIm Westwood: Setting back white people 25 years in the hip hop community.  WACK.



0 WACK Report Exclusive:  Tim Westwood is a Douchebag

Now we all know Weezy epitomizes the word wack, but here we get a double dose of wack with Wayne going off on Westwood’s show about I’m guessing his critics but not realizing that people criticize him because he’s terrible.  Mr. Carter talks about how he learned how to use auto tune to stretch his voice and also winning multiple Grammys.  There are numerous things wrong with these statements.  Number one I give him no credit for learning to “play” guitar.  Everybody knows how to play basic chords.  It means nothing.  Just because you produce sound from a guitar doesn’t mean you play it.  Two, are you seriously using auto tune as an example of your talents?  These days a 10 year old kid can download an app on their iphone and create their own vomit inducing auto tune mixes.  Again Wayne, this means nothing.  Then you use your Grammy victories as a notch on your belt?  Bro, they just gave a Grammy to a woman beater in Chris Brown.  You think a Grammy proves anything?  Not a very prestigious award anymore is it?  Finally we have our boy Tim Westwood.  After Wayne finishes vomiting words about drinking his success potion Tim shrugs it off like “My man said it all!  It’s a wrap, yo!”  Fake ass motherfucker.  This tirade made no sense.  If you were real by any stretch you would have been like “what the fuck is this dude talking about?”  Take a lesson from Ed Lover and Dre on Yo!  ODB is on every chemical imaginable and they just laugh at him when he rants.  Look at Ed’s face as Dirty raps.  He’s straight up cracking up at this dude and knows how to be a good host.  Osirus gets off topic?  Just poke him and tell him to spit lyrics.  Tired of his classic rhyme style that is a bunch of jibberish yet hip hop gold?  Hug and shout over him and go to the video.  Definition of professionalism.

0 WACK Report Exclusive:  Tim Westwood is a Douchebag


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