New Music | Interview with Temp on his debut album ‘Empty Stages’

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temp New Music | Interview with Temp on his debut album Empty Stages




Keeping hip hop alive in 2012 |

The No Wackness crew recently interviewed Temp on his brand new debut album, Empty Stages, Hosted/Arranged by Doo Wop.  The album is a free download, so go grab a copy – you have no excuse.

What brought about the album? Why the title Empty Stages?

My manager/friend Dev called me to do a verse on the Ignore Pain track on the album. Got a lot of positive feedback and just got addicted to writing/recording. Started putting everything together and making an album just made sense.

The title came from me taking some time off of writing songs. Felt like looking back there were so many empty stages that I should/could have been on. Just decided it was time to start filling them up.

How long did it take from beginning to end of production, were there any obstacles?

I started this project in November and was done by March so the creating part took 4-5 months. From sending it out til completion was another 2 months. The biggest obstacle I had came in the process that followed. Long story short, if someone displays a lack of professionalism and lack of response from the start, trust your gut and don’t work with them. Some people just think that they’re doing you a favor when in fact you’re paying them for work. Won’t happen to me twice.

Anyone you’d like to give credit for helping make this happen?

I mean, there are always the typical answers of family, friends, etc.. and they all apply, but I especially credit Dev for calling me and really starting the ball rolling.


temp empty stages 300x199 New Music | Interview with Temp on his debut album Empty StagesHow was it working with DJ Doo Wop?

Nothing short of an honor. I’ve been listening to Wop since way back when. Dev really hooked the project up and when he told me about it I was buggin out. When I finally heard the whole thing and realized I had an album and a couple songs with a man who had a large part in helping to mold hip hop during it’s most important time AND I was already a huge fan of, it still feels unreal.

What has been the response to the album you’ve seen so far?

It’s been crazy. Really getting a lot of love from a lot of different places. I started doing it for fun. I’m still nothing more than a fan of hip hop and I love getting feedback from people telling me they like my stuff. Crazy that people send me messages with some of my own lines quoted. That’s shit I do for other artists. Just a big fan getting to be a part of the show. haha.

Do you have any favorite tracks, if so, why?

Honestly, Gymnasts in the Nude and Candy Girl are two of my favorites. Gymnasts cause I just really like the way it flows. Candy Girl cause I kinda impressed myself by making a song that uses all those damn candy names and really doesn’t feel like it’s forced. Liked the challenge. Plus the production on the two was sick as hell.

In this age, how do you think real hip hop will live on, because it is clearly not through mass-market or radio?

It’s tough man. I do consider my music in the “Real hip hop” category. I only say that cause I wouldn’t put it out there if I didn’t like listening to it myself. Again I’m a fan..That being said, I am now also an artist and I see the challenge in trying to get people to listen. It’s so hard to get people to give a minute of their life and that’s the reason that real music is going to suffer. Social media (Facebook, twitter and turntable) have been huge for me, but it’s easy to get someone to listen and say it’s dope, but when you ask them to download something or follow you, they seem to disappear. I either suck, or we’re just in a culture of people who are tired of being asked to do anything. Fan’s can decide that one. haha

Who influences you the most and what has hip hop meant to your life?

Honestly my biggest influence has been my family. None of us take ourselves too seriously. We all have the “roll with the punches” attitude and really make the best of everything. I try to put that into the music.

As far as hip hop in my life, it’s just as important as any other music I hear. I love all types. It’s my escape, release, prozac, etc..

Any favorite tracks/albums from the last few years that you think are worth mentioning?

Albums would be J Cole. You can hate all you want, but that dude puts it down and puts his heart into tracks. Love his stuff. I’m also a huge fan of the group Fun. Their music is so freaking creative and they put so much into the production.

How is the Tampa hip hop scene?

We’ve got some sick talent out here man. My man Eyeznpowa is just amazing. G3 is going to be such a big part of the future of music, you have no idea.

Personally, I love Tampa hip hop scenes, but I’m really focused on just getting my music out to as many people as possible. I see such an effort to put it down for your city and represent where you’re from that people forget the world is much much bigger…

Any advice to someone thinking of doing the same thing and going down the road to making an album?

Commit and get it done. Take chances with your music. Don’t be so stuck on doing something different that you forget to do something good. Oh, and you don’t have to kill 500 people an album either. That shit is played out to me.

Where can we pick the album up or see a show?

The album can be downloaded free at www.hulkshare.com/tampatemp. I will have physical copies for sale if anyone is interested for $10. I’d love to get paid, but just really want to develop a following and get some people onboard for more in the future. As far as shows, I put any updates on my Facebook and twitter pages.

twitter: @813temp


Huge thanks Temp for the time, and best of luck on the new album and building on this success.

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Rock The Bells 2012 Line-Up Revealed

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rtb20121 Rock The Bells 2012 Line Up Revealed


Exclusive Pre-Sale for Guerilla Union Subscribers Only, Starting Friday!

San Bernardino, CA
08/18 – 08/19
NOS Events Center
Pre-Sale: Friday, May 18 at 10am PST – 10pm PST
On-Sale to General Public: Saturday, May 19 @ 10am PST
Password: HISTORY

Mountain View, CA
08/25 – 08/26
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Pre-Sale: Friday, May 18 at 10am PST – 10pm PST
On-Sale to General Public: Saturday, May 19 @ 10am PST
Password: HISTORY

Holmdel, NJ
09/01 – 09/02
PNC Bank Arts Center
Pre-Sale: Friday, May 18 at 10am PST – 10pm PST
On-Sale to General Public: Saturday, May 19 @ 10am PST
Password: HISTORY

Miami, FL
December 2012
Bayfront Amphitheater
Ticket Info Coming Soon

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Hip hop has lost a legend today, MCA of the Beastie Boys.  As a part of the Beasties, he invented a unique, unmistakable sound and style that influenced hip hop throughout his life and beyond.

Here’s Rick Rubin on the Beastie Boys: ”The Beasties opened hip-hop music up to the suburbs. As crazy as they were, they seemed safe to Middle America, in a way black artists hadn’t been up to that point in time.”  While I’m not sure I agree with Rubin, as I think it was less about color and more about the insane beats and rhymes, the force that was the Beasties, I do agree that the Beastie Boys brought hip hop to an entirely new level.

The Beastie Boys occupy an exalted place in the Nowackness vault. Today we all remember the first time we heard “Fight For Your Right”, “Sabotage”, “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”, and “Brass Monkey”, and hope the dedication that MCA brought to the game lives on through his music.


photo credit: Marilyn Roxie via photo pin cc

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Album Review: Rashad & Confidence: The Element of Surprise (2011)

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meter decent Album Review: Rashad & Confidence: The Element of Surprise (2011)So after looking into it, these guys found each other on MySpace, where Rashad asked Confidence if he could buy a beat form him, and lucky for us more than just a transaction happened.  Confidence went to check out some of Rashad’s music, and instead of selling him one beat, they agreed to do an entire album together.  This album is one of the best of 2011, and destined to become an underground classic that will stand the test of time.

Standout tracks include Days of My Youth, Shining, Pass Me By.  Rumors of War is simply an outstanding assessment of the modern world from a perspective only great hip hop can shine light on, with powerful intro and outro samples of Dr. King speeches to set the scene.  Lyrics are on point, and Confidence puts in a solid effort with beats that bring your mind back to the glory days of hip hop.  This album gets our second-best rating here at No Wackness, so go grab it.

Track listing

element of surprise album cover 300x300 Album Review: Rashad & Confidence: The Element of Surprise (2011)01. Introduction
02. Brand New
03. The City
04. Understand
05. Rumors Of War
06. Days Of My Youth
07. Interlude
08. Pen On Display
09. Shining
10. Pass Me By
11. Interlude
12. They Keep Asking Me
13. Let Me Explain
14. All Year Round
15. The Breakup Song

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2pac Lives on at Coachella

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Tupac Hologram Coachella 2pac Lives on at Coachella

Tupac Shakur just out performed every alive performer at this past weekends Coachella music festival, all thanks to the power of Technology.

The crowd went ape shit crazy. That would be one way to described what happend when a hologram of the late rapper appeared on stage next to Snoop Dogg during last nights closing performance of the Coachella music festival. It was both a bit creepy and awesome all at the same time as pac ripped the stage performing a solo rendition of Hail Mary and then joining Snoop Dogg for Two of Americas Most Wanted.

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Classic Freestyle Red & Meth

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Tmedium 3179589848 300x225 Classic Freestyle Red & Methhey just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.  Classic Redman and Method Man freestyle on Funkmaster Flex’s 60 Minutes of Funk Vol. 1.  If you slept on this back in ’96, it’s time for you to wake up.

You can tell that almost all of this is not written material at all, making it a true classic.


0 Classic Freestyle Red & Meth

photo credit: poopenheim via photopin cc

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