About Team No Wackness


 About Team No Wackness

Our team was created in the No Wackness Hip Hop room on the social music site Turntable.fm. We’re known by the turntable community as the place to find non-commercial, classic hip hop tracks, all day. We love hip hop. Real hip hop. No Wackness.

The mix of technology and hip hop expertise that brought about the room became the foundation of this site. The idea came upon us one day to create a site that would mirror the culture of the room, providing articles, reviews, commentary and interviews in music, entertainment, technology, social media, sports, and more.

Meet the crew

Who is D2?

D2 7288 57x57 About Team No Wackness
D squared, Double D, R2D2, whatever you want it to stand for, as long as it makes you happy. Boston area Masshole now living in enemy territory in the grimy NYC metro area. He builds the interwebs, hit him up on myface. A hip hop black belt, ya best protect ya neck. Dedicated to finding new music by the truckload and pointing you the way to it. In addition to the aforementioned, he believes Wu-Tang is for the children.

Who is Sugar In Tha Face?

Sugar in the Face 40445 57x57 About Team No Wackness
He’s the type of dude that tells you how it is. Whatever you’ve wanted to say but never had the balls to actually have it come out of your mouth is a regular occurrence for Sugar. Why? Because he don’t give a fuck. Growing up in the rough and tough Jewish section of the Bronx, NY Sugar developed street smarts that helped him survive the everyday struggle. Like a bitter old man he thinks all good hip hop lived in the 90′s and doesn’t understand how the kids today call Lil’ Wayne “hip hop.” With a keen sense of style, sports and music knowledge and all around getting paid, Sugar In Tha Face AKA Uncle Vinegar Tits AKA Sloppy KY helps you through your own everyday struggle.

Who is FedEx?

FedEx 20532 57x57 About Team No Wackness
He doesn’t have any other cool nicknames like some of these other guys, just FedEx. Before you ask, no he doesn’t work at FedEx, it’s an old basketball nickname. If you want more details find him on Twitter or something, I’m sure he’d be happy to explain its origins. Currently, he lives in suburban Chicago working in Marketing (video and social media), he’s a hopeless White Sox fan, a currently hopeful Chicago Bulls fan, a huge sabermetric follower, podcaster and a huge hip-hop head.

Who is Droppin Gems 

Droppin Gems 16616 57x57 About Team No Wackness
Droppin Gems AKA HowHeDoDat was born and raised in NYC during the golden era of hip hop. Stuck in the 90’s he took it upon himself to start a crusade to make sure no one forgets what good hip hop was all about. At the same time, he feels a responsibility to educate the youth on what real hip hop sounds like. Using Facebook as a forum he created the page, www.facebook.com/droppin.gems and then turned to Turn Tables to spread his love for music. That’s where he met up with the No Wackness crew. Droppin Gems still lives in NYC with his wife and daughter and works in social media. “Today is the tomorrow you should have feared yesterday” KRS-One


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